Eagle Valley Events

Designing and Delivering Dynamic Experiences.

Eagle Valley Events is a comprehensive resource for conception, planning, and execution of special events, having created, organized and managed hundreds of benchmark events in the Vail Valley since 1999.  From intimate weddings to world class Festivals, Fairs and Rodeos, with thousands of spectators and participants, we have the experience and expertise in every aspect for impeccably executed events from start to finish.

A Reliable & Experienced Event Partner

What began in 1999 as a one-person events manager, quickly grew into an expandable, flexible entity of sometimes up to 20 people that provide end-to-end solutions for events large and small throughout the Vail Valley, as well as property management, event marketing and sales.

With a list of past clients that include some of Vail and Eagle County’s best-known events such as Vail America Days, the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo and more, Eagle Valley Events has shown remarkable ability to handle the largest, most public events that have proven ROI through growth, reach and financial return.

As Eagle Valley Events heads into its third decade, the focus will be on creating new events, both large and small, public and private, for-profit and non-profit.

Our Mission Statement

Our experience and expertise allows Eagle Valley Events to provide the highest quality event and property management services to its clients through communication, problem solving, solid relationships and proven processes that improve ROI.

We strive to improve our techniques, credibility and reputation through constant education, introspection, relationship building, financial review and ROI analysis.

We follow through on our promises and believe the client always comes first.